because together, we could never be lost

hi, I'm Hayli. I'm so happy you're here! I'm a photographer based in Decatur, TX.

mamas-to-be have my heart but I'll never pass up the chance to document a love story. I think I just love love in general.

I also love golden hour (who doesn't?). I love connecting with my clients. I love details (engagement rings, baby bumps, hand-holding), so I find myself saying "Your face isn't even in this." a lot.

my #1 goal always is to make you feel comfortable. I want you to feel like you can relax and be yourself. getting photos taken should not be stressful, or awkward, or stiff. they should be real. think about it - are you EVER perfectly posed with your hand strategically place on your husband or wife's waist, staring into space with a huge smile on your face in real life? I didn't think so!

so let's create real and authentic moments. let me direct you, but feel free to make it more you.

giggle. kiss. cuddle. lay your head on his chest. brush her hair over her ear. do whatever feels natural.

and leave the rest to me. xoxo

Kind words |

Kind words |

“Where do I even start with Hayli? She’s kind, talented, and makes you feel so comfortable in front of the camera. A wedding flies by - the music, dancing, food, etc. and the two things that will last are the marriage and the photos captured that day. I knew I wanted to have the best photographer to capture all of the memories, laughter, and happy tears that happened and Hayli is that person. I’m so grateful for her hard work.”